Anise Hyssop + Viceroy Butterfly


Anise, or lavender, hyssop has quite a Biblical reputation. References to hyssop portray this wildflower as a physical and symbolic purifying herb associated with restoration and devotion. Belonging to the mint family, it was described in 1857 as a perennial herbaceous plant that grows up to 4 feet tall with bright and unscented double-lipped flowers but fragrant leaves. In the 1870s, the plant was popularized by American beekeepers. Its cultivation was popularized since bees that got their nectar from its flowers produced honey with a slight Anise flavor.

Anise hyssop has long been used in traditional Indigenous herbal medicine. Infused in tea, can be used to relieve chest congestion and cough. It can also induce sweating, and the Cheyenne Natives were also said to use anise hyssop in sweat lodges.

Hyssop is partnered with the Viceroy butterfly, whom I met this summer. He looks an awful lot like Monarch, thanks to evolutionary mimicry (band together against predators!).

Original mixed media on raw stretched canvas with maple float frame.

Framed Size: 13x13x2(inches)

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