Pasque Flower + Honey Bee


From the Hebrew word for Passover (Pesach) and French word for Easter (Paques), this native perennial is one of the earliest to bloom from April until June. Also called the “ears of the earth,” some say flowers listen for the coming of spring.

With its early blooming, it grabs the attention of available pollinators. Its saucer-shaped and highly reflective sepals concentrate the sun’s warmth to its bright yellow center. Its hairy leaves and stem protect it from the cold. Grows up to 17 inches tall and can love 50+ years if left undisturbed. Historically it has been used as a poultice for rheumatism.

Pasque flower is partnered with the honey bee. From National Geographic: “Honeybees are important pollinators for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They live on stored honey and pollen all winter and cluster into a ball to conserve warmth. All honeybees are social and cooperative insects. Members of the hive are divided into three types. Workers forage for food (pollen and nectar from flowers), build and protect the hive, clean, and circulate air by beating their wings. The queen’s job is simple—she lays the eggs that will spawn the hive’s next generation of bees. There is usually only a single queen in a hive. If the queen dies, workers will create a new queen by feeding one of the worker females a special food called “royal jelly.” This elixir enables the worker to develop into a fertile queen.”

Original mixed media on raw stretched canvas with maple float frame

Framed Size: 13x13x2(inches)

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